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E L U X U R    Yachts

The  Eluxur  All  Electric  Diesel  Drive  System

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ELUXUR's   POD   System

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Manufacturing high quality marine propulsion equipment for our vessels of all types.

We have utilized the leading supplier of thrusters ranging from 75 kW to 8 MW, for serving our customers all over the world.

                                                           Technical   Information

Length:                                        77 feet

Staterooms:                                4

Crew stateroom                         1

Type:                                             Luxury Yacht

Engine Type:                               2 Inboard Standard 850 Hp Diesel or 

                                                        Eluxur's  POD Electric Diesel Drive System 

Certification:                                CCS, CCS

Hull Material:                               Hull Fiberglass

Warranty:                                     1 Year

Application:                                 Luxury Leisure Craft

Overall Length:                           77ft

Usage:                                          Speed 30 kts. Avg -  Max 45 kts

Keywords:                                     Luxury Yacht

Colors:                                           White or  Blue


Brand name:                                ELUXUR   77          

Combo Set Offered:                    4

The Interior Design for the ELUXUR 77

Owners   Stateroom   Design


This Yacht is Designed by  

The First African-American

Pro Triathlete, Pro Surfer - Surf  Shop Owner

OCEAN MOTIONED Products and NOW the

First African-American

Yacht Designer Builder - Transportation Innovator

Doctor   Thurston E. Sawyer II

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