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T  S    Properties   &  Assets  Holdings LTD.

Technical  &  Scientific    

About   T  S    Properties   &  Assets  Holdings LTD.   

A corporation started in 2011 utilizing the principles of diversity originally a Housing rehab company transform into a Consultant Firm.

T&S Properties is an Intellectual Properties Manager for everything

that has value and/or has a title that is to be placed on the BLOCKCHAIN.

A Consulting business with Crypto Science Blockchain Technology that is

managing a large Portfolio of Digital Virtual Properties.

A Technical & Scientific RESEARCH  Firm

With Divisions specializing in the manufacturing and

sales of a very diversified range of products.

From the Clothing Industry to the Transportation and Aviation Industry Etc.

Divisions of TS Properties & Asssets Holdings LTD




Founded by

Doctor  Thurston E. Sawyer II

CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors


The First African-American

Pro Triathlete and Pro Surfer

Universal Ambassador

Multi-denominational Minister

and Gung Fu Master

Ph.D.'s  in the Philosophy of

Economics- Metaphysics- Divinity -Ufology- Humanity- Crypto Science & Crypto Economics'

AKA - Brohuna ™©

Surfer Today . com  My  Story is here


The facts




CEO & Chairman of the Board--------------------------  Dr. Thurston E. Sawyer II

President of Corporate  Security -----------------------------  Lance Eddins

                                                                                Retired  Law Enforcement 

President of 2rd Level Corporate  Security ------------------  John Hibbbison

                                                                                                          Retired  Law Enforcement 

President of Date & Cyber Security --------------------------  James Michael

                                                                                             Cyber Anti Hacking Expert & Coding  

President of Product Inventory  ------------------------------  Roy li Xiong Lanying

                                                                                 products and sale expert 

President of All Divisions Products Sale ---------------------  Rena Aguirre

                                                   40+ years a business expert Co-Founder of Newport Surf & Sport 

President of Transportation R&D Operations ----------------- Shanda Lear

                                              CEO for & Father Invented the LEAR JET 

President of Entertainment Productions----------------------- Monty Fisher  

                                                                       CEO for FISHER PRODUCTION temporary consultant 

President of Designs ------------------------------------------- Mango Carafino

                                                                 Inventor & Designer of the 1st FOIL FIN for aquatic use 


CFO -------------------------------------------------------------- Jadyn Blair

                                                               Account Executive for CFO NOW


The mission
Advisory Board

       T  S    Properties  &  Assets   LTD   © 2022       All   Rights  Reserved      T&S Properties INC.    Est. 2011   

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